Existentialism is a debatable term in relation to its exact meaning, for my purposes here I want to convey to the reader this sense; your existence is real, and in its complexity your own self-awareness ought to propel you on a lifelong journey toward its meaning, if any. If there truly is any meaning, are we just along for the ride or do we have a role to play, dare say a responsibility in its objective? The purpose in publishing this website is a public repository of my experience with the pursuit of truth with the hope that others will benefit from it in their own journey.

If the opening paragraph is provocative enough for you then you will be innately looking for clues as to what I am (philosophically, if you will). Your first clue might be the scripture quote on this website’s title graphic from a book commonly referred to as the Holy Bible. To those who oppose Christianity and its bible or even the concept of a creator “God”, I appeal to fairness and reason from you in extending your patience with what I hope to convey to even you on this website. I tell you up front that this website is a singular effort by a Bible believer. I was not born this way (as if you could), rather I became one, reasonably. The atheist, agnostic, the Christian, whatever your stripe, I welcome you to reason with me in our pursuit of meaning, truth (if any). Whatever it may be. Despite any possible skepticism, I really mean that. After all, like it or not, we are fellow sojourners. Fair enough?

Because I am a Bible believing Christian there will be much here for those of like mind. That we are approximately two thousand years removed from the crucifixion and ascension of Jesus Christ, we would presumably assume all the critical fundamental tenets as set forth by the scripture as a revelation of Jesus Christ would wholly be intact today; I say they are not. This website will challenge my fellow believers in examining truths most likely never even considered and certainly never taught to you. There is an era, a “world”, to come, on this earth that is commonly known as the Millennium, which speaks to its length but the REST is a biblically used term that speaks more fully as to its meaning. This REST and entrance into that world as I will expound upon it in my writings will not only open wide the eyes of the believer but I believe taken in their fuller maturity (my writings over time), will grab the heart of the skeptics, unbelievers, atheist, agnostic, etc.

And thus this blog begins. It will most likely take years of posting to accumulate the content to bring about the result I desire as I expressed above. But I must begin somewhere and it is here I do so.